5 Time Saving Social Media Tips For Therapists

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You work within the health industry because you care about people, right? You want to be spending your working hours making a positive difference to the lives of your clients – whether you’re a psychotherapist, a physiotherapist or a sports therapist.


The last thing you want to be doing is spending hours every day on social media trying to get new clients.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals but it can be time-consuming


So here are my top five time-saving tips for health professionals to manage their social media more effectively.

Write your posts in advance

Business owner writing blog posts in advance for social media marketing When you’re in the mood for writing or have an unexpected gap in your schedule, sit down and write some tweets and posts. Have a think about your target audience and how you can engage with them best. Rather than constantly pitching your services, write about recent feedback, the benefits of working with you, recent training and anything else that might be of interest to potential clients.

Then you can use free scheduling tools like Hootsuite to upload them in one go, schedule when you want them to appear in your social media feed and away you go!

Time required – 1-2 hours when needed

Writing your blog posts in advance gives you a great content source for your social media marketing. 

Content curation is your friend

Screenshot of Tailwind a useful tool for content marketing with pinterest Good quality articles that are informative for your target audience are important to share on social media. Not only do they provide a good conversational starting point; they also prove your industry knowledge and credibility within the field. Sourcing relevant content can be a bit of a nightmare – who has time to spend scouring search engines?

Well, you don’t have to. Search Google for ‘psychotherapy’, for example, hit news for the latest articles and at the bottom you’ll see ‘set up news alert’. You can configure this to send you a daily email with all the latest news on your desired topic. Great for keeping up to date with things! You can also use sites like Feed:ly and Content Gems to find the latest blogs and articles. Then you can send to Buffer with the handy browser extension and it’ll upload the content when you schedule it to. You’ll also receive a handy weekly report of how well the content has performed on social media – very useful for finding ideas for blogs and post topics.

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, Tailwind is a fantastic option for sourcing great content to pin on your boards. It’s free to join and find content so it’s well worth having a go!

Time required – 10 minutes daily

Networking is an important part of business but continue with social media networking for best results

Focus your networking efforts

 Using networking hours or ‘hashtag hours’ can be a great way of networking and getting the essential information across within a concentrated amount of time. Regularly participating in a local networking hour makes your presence felt within the local community, proves that you really exist through real time conversation and can help you create some very useful contacts within the business community. It’s worth taking the time to investigate the various networking hours and focus on one or two that you feel will bring maximum benefits to you.

Time required – 1 hour per networking hour, once a week.

Social media marketing is about consistency and presence – so make yourself known on a frequent basis!

Make good use of your downtime

If you’re waiting between clients or stuck on a train for an hour, spare a few minutes to check your social media feeds and engage with people. Comment on the posts of others, answer any questions you can, share content and posts, etc. Get yourself out there and active within the social media community and people will start recognising and remembering you. Sometimes just saying hello to new followers can get you noticed by a potential new client!

Time required – a few minutes as and when you’re able

Outsource to a reliable social media manager

There’s no getting around it. Social media marketing is time consuming but the benefits it can bring to your business makes it more than worthwhile. Outsourcing to a social media manager or agency can be a worthwhile investment. Have a conversation with a few different companies to establish what they can do for you and your business before making a decision. If you’re new to outsourcing, you can check out my ‘unconventional guide’ for some helpful tips.

If you’ve enjoyed this article make sure you check out ‘A Nurse’s Guide to Twitter‘ from our friends over at Ausmed which has some great tips for all health and wellness professionals.


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