6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Tools For Your Business

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Today, there is no way around a social media presence for businesses. As exciting and fun social media marketing can be – we all know it is a time-consuming task.

Coming up with content ideas, creating posts, publishing them on various social media platforms, curating content, keeping an overview of analytics and more can easily take up 5-10 hours every week if a consistent social media presence is important to your business.

Luckily, there are tools to help you out. 

Social media management tools are here to facilitate your social media marketing. They will allow you to save time and handle your entire social media marketing more efficiently.

Now let’s have a closer look on how exactly your business can benefit from a social media management tool.

  1. One place to manage all your social media channels

 A social media management tool allows you to manage all your posts to various social media channels in one place. No need for logging in to all your different accounts to share your latest blog post.

Simply connect your accounts to the tool, log in once, create your posts, choose the accounts they should go out to and post them. Voilà, it really is that simple.

  1. Schedule your social media posts

Picture of a calendar next to a computer for scheduling social media marketing in advance

One of the greatest features of social media management tools is certainly their editorial calendar. Why? Well, this is what will save you tons of time.

An editorial calendar allows you to plan your content ahead and schedule your posts to various social media platforms.

While the internet and social media is always on, you don’t have to be. Social media scheduling allows you to plan and schedule posts ahead. You get to spend your weekends with your families, rather than taking care of your social media 😉.

Apart from saving you some valuable time, an editorial calendar also helps a lot with planning out your content. The calendar makes it simple to keep an overview of your posting times, frequency and potential gaps over all social media platforms.

  1. Keep up with social engagement

On the one hand, you have to know when your followers like, share or comment on your posts. A social media management tool allows you to keep track of engagement and react to it very easily without switching between several platforms.

And on the other hand, you should monitor brand mentions and user generated content related to your business. For example, some tools allow you to monitor mentions of your username or hashtag.

  1. Collaborate with others

Two business owners collaborating together on their social marketing strategy

Four eyes are always better than two right!?

No matter if someone else actively plans your social media posts with you or you just have someone reviewing scheduled posts, most social media management tools offer a way to plan and execute your social media strategy in a collaborative way.

Some even allow to attribute different roles, so an editor might be responsible for creating posts, while the administrator might approve them before being published.

Social media management tools help you create a really simple workflow for team collaboration. No matter, if it is just you and your colleague or 20 more team members.

  1. Get inspired – Curate & Create!

I am sure you know how much work content creation and even curation can be. Searching for relevant industry related content that you can share or use as inspiration for your own content certainly takes time.

Thank god there are tools to support you.

Feedly  for example, helps you find content based on topics and keywords. Some social media management tools offer similar options.

Buffer, for example, has browser extensions, so that you can add articles you are reading on any site directly to Buffer and share them.

Onlim is one of the social media management tools that has this useful feature included in their platform. Simply add your favourite blogs, news websites or even social media profiles to Onlim and you’ll see posts from those sources in your feed that you can directly share to your own profiles.

  1. Analyse your performance

Phone with social media on it for small business marketing

Monitoring and analysing social media performance is quite often not a priority for small businesses.

BUT… believe me, there is a reason why marketing experts and growth hackers keep stressing the importance of trial and error!

There really is no other way to improve!

You have to analyse why a post got lots of or no engagement at all. It could depend on the type of content you post, the time you posted it, the hashtags you used and so on.

Social media management tools simplify this process enormously. You can see the engagement you got on your posts from all accounts on one single platform.

Final thoughts

Consistent and effective social media marketing requires the use of a social media management tool. You can save tons of time and improve your social media planning and execution.

Depending on your needs, there are various options out there. Even if you are a small business with limited resources, there exist several low-cost or even free tools that offer great value for money.

Feel free to check out Onlim, we offer a free version as well as a 14-day free trial for the paid version.

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Stephanie Falkner

Stephanie is Digital Marketing Manager at Onlim (www.onlim.com), a provider of social media management software, customized chatbots and intelligent personal assistants.
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