​Get Your SEO Efforts Off To A Cracking Start

By kicking your blog into shape

You know that optimising your website for search engines is a slow burn process

But having a series of unique, well-written and informative blogs will jumpstart your efforts.

Content marketing, and blogging in particular, is a proven way of effectively improving your website's SERP result - that's Search Engine Results Page btw. Where you're wanting to be at the top of the first page. 

Problem is. Google likes lengthy information that is relevant and helpful to its users. This is where a lot of websites are still failing. Naturally, the copy of your website will be focused on selling your products or services - that's the point of having a website, right?

So your blog is the perfect place to house the useful information Google is looking for. 

I've combined my SEO skills with my Blogging experience to create a cracking package

Blogging is an effective form of content marketing - did you know that websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages?

If the pages on your website aren't indexed, they're not going to appear in those important search results. Indexing enables search engines to understand the content on your website and how it will help their users searching for specific information.

More importantly. 47% of buyers view 3 - 5 pieces of content before starting the sales process.

That's because your potential customers are scoping you out before committing to making a purchase. They're looking for authority, expertise, credibility and reputation. In essence - do you know what you're doing, and can you solve their problem? Engaging blogs will answer those questions whilst improving your SEO - I think it's a great digital marketing combo that really does work. 

In fact, it's been found that businesses with a blog are 13x more likely to achieve a positive return on investment,


Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.


70 - 80% of users ignore paid ads and click on organic search results.


45% of business owners say that blogging is their most important form of content.

​Blogging is essential for a good SEO result

Look. If you're going to do well with SEO marketing, you need to have a regularly updated blog. 

Understanding SEO isn't easy. Heck, even the experts will tell you they don't know it all. It's impossible to know everything because Google are constantly making changes to their ranking algorithms - and keeping most of those changes secret. SEO is a constant guessing game but we do know that high quality content is ranked highly.

How often do the pages on your website change? The core, sales converting copy that drives the home and landing pages?

I'm guessing a couple of times a year at most. Google is looking for fresh new content on a regular basis. The freshest most relevant content gets pulled to the top of those search engine results - so even if your content is perfect for your target audience, if you're not updating regularly it's unlikely to get seen.

Let's have a closer look at the benefits of blogging for SEO:

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    Blogs help your popularity. People will share blogs they've found helpful or interesting. Google uses this as a way of figuring out how relevant and useful your website is. 
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    Source of social media material. When combined effectively with social media marketing, well-written blogs give you a wealth of content that can be shared and re-purposed to suit different social media channels.
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    It helps drive traffic to your website. I mean - that's the whole point of SEO, right? But the thing is, people need a way to find you, and it's often by asking questions around the problems they have that they stumble upon the solutions they need (and that's your blog topics taken care of, btw).

​You need to be blogging twice a week or more to receive the full SEO benefits

​Don't get me wrong. A monthly or weekly blog is a great start but it isn't quite enough to make Google stand up and take notice of your efforts. 

​And writing two blogs per week can be difficult for many business owners. That's several hours taken out of your busy timetable to research, write, edit and optimise blog posts for your website. Maybe even longer if you're new to business writing and unsure what Google and other search engines are looking for. 

​Then there's the other problem

If your website has been around for a while and there hasn't been any blogs or useful content until now, that can be a cause of concern for potential customers trying to figure out if you're the right fit for them. It is possible to backdate blogs, but have you really got the time be writing a ton of blogs to make your website customer and search engine friendly?

That's why you need my -
 “SEO Kickstarter Blog Package”


Because I've got the time and skills to write those SEO busting blogs you need for your business

Unless you're a professional writer, it's pointless wasting your precious time trying to write blogs for your business. You need to be spending it elsewhere.

That's why I developed my SEO Kickstarter Blog Package. It's ideal for new and existing businesses that want quality content on their website to quickly improve their search engine rankings.​​


You'll get 8 blogs. These can be delivered in one go or spread out as 2 per week dependent on your aim and current position. 


Each blog will be fully search engine optimised. With links, image alt text tags, meta descriptions and social media blurbs too.


You'll receive an SEO strategy: with ideas for future blog posts, suggestions for keywords, links and guest post pitches. So you'll know how to move forward once the blogs have been delivered.

See what my customers have to say:

"Zoe is a content writing whizz and expert marketer."

"She's someone who gets the job done to the highest of standards and is constantly and consistently upping her game on all levels in the marketing arena.

In the short time I've known and worked with Zoe, she has been one of the few individuals who have really impressed me with their content writing and marketing skills.

Highly recommended if you're after quality content."

Gareth Daine

Affinity Cloud

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"Always professional and a pleasure to deal with"

"I approached Zoe Hughes at Words by Zoe to author some informative articles for our health information website at www.ausmed.com.

Zoe was happy to cover any topic I proposed. Her articles are well written, well researched and require no editing - ready to publish straight to our site. She is great with deadlines, does not require any micro-managing and understands our organisation's goals perfectly.

Always professional and a pleasure to deal with, I look forward to working with Zoe for many more future projects."

Matthew Stott

Digital Editor

​I know it can be hard handing over the reins to someone else

But I genuinely care about your success and love combining SEO with blog writing (I might be a bit of a geek like that). I strive to make the process as easy as possible, so I'll do my research, ask the questions that gives me the info I need to do the job well, and let you know what I'll need from you to be able to deliver the blogs you're looking for. 

Two revisions are included - so if you feel something isn't quite right, or you want something adding to a blog - that's not a problem. 

I'll also source royalty-free images to be used in your blog, and directly upload everything to your content management system - so it's scheduled and ready to go when it meets your approval. 

You'll also get a 10% discount on my other blog packages 

The SEO Kickstarter Blog Package is designed as a one-off solution for kicking your SEO efforts into gear. That doesn't mean our working relationship has to end when the last blog is delivered. Sign up to one of my other blog packages and you'll get a 10% discount for as long as you decide to stay with me. 

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