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Social media marketing remains one of the best methods for driving traffic to your website.

What has been surprising, for some, is that Pinterest has overtaken Twitter in terms of popularity, and is attracting new users all the time.

Many businesses struggle to understand how Pinterest can be leveraged for their marketing purposes. Sure, it’s great for creatives and retailers, but how can you make it work for the B2B, or health industries?

Pinterest images make up a large proportion of Google image search results – as much as 70%.

Which can be very annoying, but it also means that there is a good chance of Google users landing on your Pinterest pin. If you’re pinning properly and it links back to your website – hey presto! New source of traffic.

So, here are my top three tips for making Pinterest work for your business

1. Always have Pinterest friendly images in your blogs and articles

Using images in your content marketing efforts is essential. A picture can tell a thousand words. Aside from that, it helps make the text readable by breaking up the page (because we skim read online text), and enforces the message you’re trying to deliver.

Check out my guide for legally sourcing images for blog posts here.

Canva has Pinterest templates that are ideal for tweaking and using as a blog post featured image.

Not only does this create a great looking pin for your blog or website, it will also attract attention on Pinterest and Google Search. If you create a standard template for each of your blog posts in your brand colours, it looks professional too.

2. Use Tailwind to schedule your pins

(yeah, here comes the affiliate links, you don’t have to click but I get a small referral bonus when you do – my points still stand without the affiliate program though, I really do love Tailwind!).

Sure, there are a LOT of social media scheduling apps out there that include Pinterest. I’m a firm fan of Buffer and use that for my Twitter and Facebook profiles, but Tailwind is specifically geared for Pinterest, and I love it.

Using Pinterest for your busy is easy with Tailwind

There is a free account with Tailwind that allows you to schedule 100 pins a month, which is a good start for most business owners and more than the 10 available with the free Buffer account. It’s the features that really make it worth trying.

You can schedule a pin from anywhere – your blog, website, social media feeds, other websites, even Google search. This makes it quick and easy to share content that will be valuable to your followers.

You can set up a daily pin schedule – and Tailwind will allocate the pins to the slots available. You can even shuffle things up a bit, and it’ll suggest the best times to pin too!

It gives you insightful analytics – Tailwind started as a Pinterest analytics company and app, so you can be sure that the statistics are reliable and useful for monitoring your marketing efforts.

Social media marketing is only effective when other users share and interact with your content, right? Trying to find like-minded Pinterest users can feel a little like searching for a needle in a haystack at times.

Tailwind tribes are a great way of finding quality pins and having your pins shared by others.

Screenshot of Tailwind a useful tool for content marketing with pinterestThere are tribes for all kinds of business and interests so you’ll find at least one you can join. You then upload your pins (making sure they link back to your website properly and have a catchy blurb to encourage people to share), share a few others – there is usually a ration of at least 1:1, and sit back whilst you allow others to share and re-pin!

Click here to join my content marketing tribe right now – you’ll get a free month of the premium version of Tailwind just for having a look (and I’ll get a $15 credit too).

The other benefit of tribes is that you can create your own. So if you’re part of an active networking group, or you can’t find a tribe for your niche, it’s easy enough to set one up and invite others to join in.

Pinterest is a great way of generating traffic to your website, and is certainly worth trying for any business owner. Tailwind makes it super easy to spend just ten minutes or so finding and uploading pins, enabling you to then get on with other business tasks whilst your Pinterest account is working hard for you.

Give them both a try today, and let me know how you get on!

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Zoe Hughes

Zoe is an experienced content writer with a genuine passion for crafting creative content for websites to help businesses of all shapes and sizes gain a strong web presence and rapport with their target audience.
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