5 Ways to Make 1 Blog Idea Go Further

In my previous blog, I talked about how difficult it can be to think of new blog post ideas, and why that effort can be put to good use through re-purposing.

That re-using your blog post content is a great way of boosting your search engine optimisation, helps you reach new audiences and reinforces your authority and credibility.

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Give the Hamster Wheel a Rest – Why You Should be Re-purposing Your Blog Content Today

It can be difficult keeping on top of your blog.

As if sitting down to write the posts wasn’t difficult enough. You’ve got to think of topics to write about (that includes research if you’re doing it properly), plan when you’re going to publish them and the social media to go with them and monitor how well they’re doing.

Blooming heck!

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What’s the Scoop with Blogging vs Printed Press Anyway?

A lot of my clients were new to digital marketing when they decided to work with me.

Naturally, they were unsure how blogs and ‘content’ on a website could deliver better results than a printed advert in a newspaper or magazine - something they had been using to market their business for a long time.

So, here’s my response.

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Time to get alternative! How image based SEO can improve your website’s search ranking

No. Not that kind of alternative.

I’m talking alternative text for images on your blog and website.

“What are those?” I hear you cry?

Ok, I don’t, I’m not hearing voices.

But all joking aside. Image alt text is important for your website’s search engine optimisation, and it’s such an easy thing to do you might be kicking yourself for not doing it yet!

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