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You have questions, and I have answers. Find out everything you need to know about hiring me to write your web content and social media right here.

Content writing is a form of copywriting that drives sales by providing informative and helpful words on your website that influence action – which might be to sign up to a newsletter, visit a service page, buy a product or service, or simply share your latest blog on social media.

Businesses need content writing because they need a strong web presence to improve brand credibility and reputation. That’s how you build rapport with your target audience and gently prod them down the road to becoming a customer.

Hiring a good content writer makes it easier for you to get that informative information out there, whether that’s as a blog, web page, downloadable or social media post. It helps you create a bridge between your business and your customers that will build trust and rapport leading to the results you’re looking for. 

While I might not be an expert in your particular field, I have written content for various industries and know what your ideal customers are looking for in terms of informative content. I can quickly digest and understand subject matter and turn it into easy to read content for your target audience.

I have a track record for delivering content on time, and what my clients are looking for, you can trust me to do the same for you.

Yes, I’m quite happy to do the hard work and let you take the credit. You probably don’t want to reveal to your clients that someone else has written the content on your website, that’s understandable. I’m happy to keep things as discreet as you need and have written plenty of content for agencies and clients under a ghostwriting agreement with my name nowhere to be seen.

A brief is essentially you telling me what you want me to write for your website. To make things as easy as possible I have a series of briefing questions that’ll give me the information I need to understand your project and get the ball rolling.

Unless it’s a short or urgent project, I ask for 2 weeks notice to book you in my diary and ensure I have the time needed to write your content.

If I’m already booked up, you may need to wait a little longer, or I can recommend other copywriters and content writers that can take care of things for you.

When you hire me to write your content, and once you’ve given me the information I need to get started, I’ll:

Research the subject and anything I need to know

  • Write the initial draft
  • Edit and refine that draft to the finished piece you get to see
  • Amend the content with two rounds of revisions to make it exactly what you’re looking for

We’ll mutually agree on deadlines and a timescale before I get started. When it comes to revisions and to keep my diary free for other clients, I do put a 2-week time limit on them from the date of sending the final draft.

I price my services per project depending on what you need, how long it will take in terms of research, writing and editing and any other factors that might come into play, like how much I understand your business and industry.

If you need a baseline figure it comes in at around £50 p/h on average, or £300 for my day rate. If you have a lot of content that needs creating, my day rate is often the most cost-effective option.

According to the Professional Copywriter’s Network 2018 pay survey, the average day rate for copywriting is £342 which really is a steal considering the results it can bring for your business.

Honestly? It comes down to these factors:

Communication – a clear brief and lots of information really helps me focus on what you need

Complexity – how difficult is it for me to write the content and how much research is needed?

Time – how long will it take for me to write and edit this

Urgency – if you need this sooner rather than later that’s an implication for my writer’s lifestyle that has to be taken into consideration.

Attribution – if it’s ghostwritten content and you take the credit for my work you can expect to pay a little more for that. It’s only fair.

Yes, I prefer everything in writing so I will send you a full quote outlining everything you need to know, the scope of work, deadlines and timescales, and anything else we’ve agreed on.

Almost all of my quotes are on a fixed fee basis, so you know exactly what you’ll get. It also means you can arrange a purchase order if necessary with your accounting department.

I do have a terms of agreement contract for you to sign before work begins just, so we both know where we stand, what we need to do and how to pay for the work.

Yes, if I haven’t worked with you before I take a 50% upfront deposit before getting started. The second 50% is invoiced once work is completed and payable on a net 7 basis, unless agreed otherwise.

I take a range of payment methods, including:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque (funds must be cleared before work commences)
  • Credit card via Paypal or Stripe
  • International bank transfer via TransferWise
  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Yes, of course, I understand your need for a safe pair of hands, so I am insured via PolicyBee.

I’m also registered with the ICO for data protection and GDPR requirements. You can see my GDPR documents at the links below.

Best place is to check out my blog

Ask for samples by emailing me at

Yes, I can produce a small sample of writing for you, this costs £150.

It’s a great way of seeing if we’re a good fit before you commit to making a big financial investment for your business. This sample can be beneficial for you to see if the content is what you were looking for and find ways to improve the concept before work begins.

Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements for a sample.

Most clients prefer Word documents, but I can provide the text in a variety of formats to suit your  needs.

I only provide the words so if you need the design aspect taken care of let me know so I can introduce you to one of my recommended graphic designers.

Then feel free to get in touch at, and I’ll be delighted to help.

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