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Fed up with wasting time on website content that’s not getting the results you were hoping for?

I can use my skills and expertise to take care of that for you. I’m a dab hand at writing blogs, web content, downloadables and social media posts.

Ready to work with me? Head over here for my briefing questions to get started.

Why hire a content writer?

The internet is a strange kettle of fish when it comes to writing. You can forget everything you learned at school. Content writing for the web has to be:

Crisp – getting straight to the point

Credible – backed up by facts, statistics and social proof

Compelling – to drive your audience to take action

It’s all about authoritative information that answers questions and provides a solution for the problem your target audience is facing. If you don’t answer those questions well enough, it takes a second to click back to Google and find someone else that will.

Regularly producing helpful content for your ideal customers will:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Keep your existing customers happy
  • Build rapport through authority and trust
  • Improve your web presence through SEO

If you don’t believe me here are some industry facts based on actual research:

49% of B2B buyers said they rely more on content to research and make purchase decisions

71% of B2B buyers stating they consumed blog content during the purchase process

74% share blog posts with their colleagues

40% of B2B buyers have consumed 3-5 pieces of content before making a purchase decision

Creating useful and relevant content has worked for me, with my website regularly generating email enquiries from prospective customers and influencers wanting to collaborate with me. If you want results like that for your business, it’s difficult to achieve without expert help.

Since I set up Words by Zoe in 2015, I have helped a variety of businesses get results through web content, including:

Business services – I’ve written web content for marketing consultants, social media managers and virtual assistants

Coaches – mindfulness experts, life coaches and counsellors have benefitted from my blog content

Ecommerce – writing blogs for tailors, sex toy retailers (yes, really) and beauty products

Franchise – I’ve written web content for franchise operations looking to expand

Healthcare – I’ve ghostwritten blog content for doctors and other health professionals around the world

IT – web pages, blog content and how to guides for IT support companies

My clients didn’t choose me because I have experience in those industries (though yes, I did used to make a living as a health professional), but because I have a strong track record of delivering effective content that gets results.


The day I found Zoe was my lucky day!

I needed to start to write a new Blog series, but I was busy with other things. With Zoe, we exchanged a few emails of what I was looking for then in a matter of a few days, she came back to me with brilliant outlines. I was thrilled!

A couple of reviews and she gave the best copywriting I couldn’t have imagined. She captured perfectly what I was looking for, what my blog was on about and the voice and tone of my Business. Her work was absolute perfection.

From the content point of view to SEO, Zoe provided me everything I needed. I would recommend Zoe to anyone who loves well-done copywriting project without any hassle.

Sabrina Viot


Sabrina the Digital Witch

What is web content?

Web content can mean many things, so let’s delve a little closer into how I can help you.

Blog posts – perfect when you want to demonstrate your authority and expertise in your industry. Your ideal customers are asking questions, on Google, so answering those questions with informative and helpful blogs is a great way to improve the chances of your site being found and winning new custom.

Downloadables – you know those freebies that entice you to part with your email address? I can write those too (although you don’t have to give them away for free!). Whether you want a how to guide, ebook or workbook to help your target audience in some way, I can put your ideas into the perfect downloadable resource.

Social media posts – are you being authentic on your social media accounts? It can be tricky to get the balance right between being helpful and friendly, and promoting what you do on social media. I can craft compelling social media posts that encourage interaction and clicks through to your website and landing pages.

Web content – How well are you selling yourself online? It can be ridiculously difficult to promote who you are and what you do yourself, so hiring a writer is a sensible choice for crafting those all important web pages that act as the 24/7 shop window for your business. I can write content that will grab attention and get results.

Want to work with me?

Picture of Zoe M Hughes, content writer and owner of Words by Zoe

Great, here’s how it works.

  1. You get in touch with me by completing my briefing questions
  2. You can send me a non-disclosure agreement if you need me to sign one
  3. Send me samples of your current content/what you’re looking for
  4. We agree the scope of work, price and how long it’ll take
  5. I let you know what I need from you to proceed
  6. I work remotely to deliver the goods

Click here to answer those briefing questions now.

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