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The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea – How to Prevent Facebook From Harming Your Business

Social media is one of the easiest and most effective forms of marketing available for small business owners.

And most of us have a Facebook business page (or two!).

Which means you have a personal profile, and probably engage in a few groups to further your marketing efforts too.

But when was the last time you considered how your personal profile could impact on your business activities, and vice versa?

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6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Tools For Your Business

Today, there is no way around a social media presence for businesses. As exciting and fun social media marketing can be – we all know it is a time-consuming task.

Coming up with content ideas, creating posts, publishing them on various social media platforms, curating content, keeping an overview of analytics and more can easily take up 5-10 hours every week if a consistent social media presence is important to your business.

Luckily, there are tools to help you out. 

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Pinterest for Business – Getting it Right with Tailwind

Social media marketing remains one of the best methods for driving traffic to your website.

What has been surprising, for some, is that Pinterest has overtaken Twitter in terms of popularity, and is attracting new users all the time.

Many businesses struggle to understand how Pinterest can be leveraged for their marketing purposes. Sure, it’s great for creatives and retailers, but how can you make it work for the B2B, or health industries?

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5 Time Saving Social Media Tips For Therapists

You work within the health industry because you care about people, right? You want to be spending your working hours making a positive difference to the lives of your clients – whether you’re a psychotherapist, a physiotherapist or a sports therapist.

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