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Target Audience and Marketing

If you’re not new to my blog, you’ll have seen me write about target audience a few times.

Knowing your target audience well helps you keep your writing appropriate, and your message on topic.

And that means identifying your ideal customer, using their kind of language, and knowing what they need from you.

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Outsourcing – how to get it right first time!

There’s nothing worse than outsourcing your writing to a freelancer, or agency, and the finished piece being nothing like you had imagined.

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SEO Myth busting – seven techniques you need to stop worrying about

Have you ever looked for information on how to effectively optimise your website for search engines and been baffled by the results?

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5 Time Saving Social Media Tips For Therapists

You work within the health industry because you care about people, right? You want to be spending your working hours making a positive difference to the lives of your clients – whether you’re a psychotherapist, a physiotherapist or a sports therapist.

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