Why Content Marketing is Like Being a Circus Performer

​​​​Dust off the floppy shoes, oversized trousers, honking noses, and teeny tiny cars, beca​​​​use after reading this article you’​​​​ll be taking your content marketing skills and strategy straight to the circus ring. 

Well, perhaps not quite.

However, though these two disciplines may seem about as related to one another as chalk and cheese, there are some very definite points of comparison.

Below I outline why content marketing is actually a little bit like being a circus performer.

In doing so, I hope that it may also give you some ‘out of the box’ thinking and help you generate some ideas you can take away and apply to your existing content marketing (or circus performing) strategy...

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Is an SSL certificate really essential for your freelancer website?

Have you got an SSL certificate for your website?


Oh. I guess you don’t care about your SEO then?

Look, that might be pretty rude, but I’m only thinking about your traffic volumes here. Without that trusty green padlock next to your website’s URL, you’re going to see your traffic drop.

Allow me to explain.

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Pinterest for Business – Getting it Right with Tailwind

Social media marketing remains one of the best methods for driving traffic to your website.

What has been surprising, for some, is that Pinterest has overtaken Twitter in terms of popularity, and is attracting new users all the time.

Many businesses struggle to understand how Pinterest can be leveraged for their marketing purposes. Sure, it’s great for creatives and retailers, but how can you make it work for the B2B, or health industries?

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What Are The main Changes That Affected The SEO Industry In 2017?

To be quite honest, the changes within the internet marketing industry during 2017 weren’t so extreme.

For example, in comparison to 2016 when RankBrain hit the stage or previous years when the complete face of the industry altered, 2017 has been rather peaceful so far.

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