A New Direction for Words by Zoe

You’ve probably noticed that my blog here has been rather quiet over recent months.

It’s all because I’ve come to a realisation about where I want my business to go, and how my personal life has more of an impact on that then I first realised. But before I go any further, if you’re not interested in the why’s and how’s and just want to go to the super useful small business blogs I write, you can now find them at my new business:

It’ll be great to see you over there!

Why the new business?

Words by Zoe was born when I first started as a copywriter, didn’t have a clue what to call myself and thought that would be a great business name. While it certainly has served me well, I think it’s perhaps a little too personal for the kind of content I write for businesses – health, medical, b2b, and marketing.

I love working with women in business, and making medical content easy to digest; so, I felt that Cupcake Content Marketing was a good way to move forward especially as I’ve introduced new services to my portfolio, including:

• Content writing and marketing
• Search engine optimisation
• Social media management and marketing
• WordPress web design and maintenance
• Marketing consultancy and strategy

You can expect to see lots of useful blogs on those topics, useful hints and tips and some creative extras, so make sure you’re following me on social media for the latest updates.

What will happen to Words by Zoe?

 Well, it seems crazy to let this website go to waste, and it’s doing well for me regarding SEO, so I’ve decided to make it much more Zoe. We’re all unique, and I love to celebrate differences, but recently I’ve discovered one big difference – I have Asperger’s.

It’s been suspected for a while, the signs have always been there, but it’s horribly hard to get Asperger’s diagnosed even today, back in the 80s and 90s it was near impossible – especially for a girl! Women tend to have different symptoms than the typical ones that probably spring to mind when you hear the word ‘autism’ (we’re also better at hiding it!).

I think a lot of business owners shy away from sharing their medical details to an online audience, but I honestly feel that Asperger’s is something that needs to be seen, heard and understood. I highly recommend the documentary by Chris Packham if you haven’t already watched it. I also feel that it’s due to being on the autistic spectrum that makes me such a good writer and freelancer:

• I struggle with social skills but that means I listen twice as hard and I’m a stickler for attention to detail
• I’ve spent so many years struggling to ‘fit in’ that I have great observational and analytical skills. I watch others, and I learn from them, and my mistakes. It means I’m constantly improving and upskilling.
• Most of my world is spent online – which makes me great for all things digital. I’m where my client’s target audience is, I have great research skills, and I keep my finger on the pulse.

The things that make it difficult for me to an employee make me a fantastic freelancer.

Words by Zoe will now be a personal blog exploring self-employment, autism, chronic illness and general musings I ponder on from time to time and
I hope that you will continue to support me by sharing my social media posts and content. In an effort to spread the word further and reach new audiences I have decided to create a Patreon account where there will be some exclusive content, polls and the like. If you fancy supporting me over there, then please do!

If you have any questions, words of encouragement or any thoughts about what I’ve posted above feel free to drop a comment below.

About the Author Zoe Hughes

Zoe is an experienced content writer specialising in the health and wellness sector. Zoe now combines her writing skills with marketing and search engine optimisation to provide a complete content marketing solution to her clients.

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