2017 Review – A Year in the World of Words by Zoe

It's that time of year where we all take a look back at the previous year we've had, and the changes we'd like to make for the future.

Things are no different when it comes to your business.

Now is the perfect time to be evaluating your progress and deciding on your goals and objectives for 2018.


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This year has been a tough one for me personally, which naturally took its toll on my business.

I actually spent New Year's Eve on a hospital ward, with lights turned out at 10pm and not a single Auld Lang Syne to be heard!

It wasn't until March that I was well enough to take my business forward and I learned that having a contingency plan in place is essential - you never know when the unthinkable might happen!

But let's take a look at how things went for Words by Zoe this year.

Most Successful Business Blog Posts

I love writing blogs for my own business and yours too! It's always something of a surprise at the end of the year to discover which ones have been the most successful - it's often not the ones you were expecting!

  1. 5 Easy Ways to Make 1 Blog Post Go Further
  2. Time to Get Alternative! How Image Based SEO Can Improve Your Website's Search Ranking
  3. Pinterest for Business - Getting it Right with Tailwind
  4. Is an SSL Certificate Really Essential for Your Freelancer Website?
  5. Give The Hamster Wheel a Rest. Why You Should be Re-Purposing Your Blog Content Today

It'd seem that you want to learn more about content marketing tactics and SEO tips and tricks - so you can expect more blog posts on those topics next year.

Go through your Google Analytics data for the last year and see which of your blog posts were well received - can you use this information to guide your marketing strategy?

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Best Client Blog Post

One of my favourite clients of 2017 has to be Ausmed. Being able to combine my former nursing career and experiences with my writing skills has been a real highlight.

I was a little surprised that my best performing article for them was on Pelvic Floor Muscles and Incontinence! But as a topic that is still surrounded by stigma, misunderstanding and apprehension I'm glad that my article is raising this issue amongst medical professionals.

And I can be a chuffed that it's received over 8000 views in 15 weeks too, right?

picture of a doctor with pens ready to write effective healthcare content

Best Free Resource

You might be more interested in content marketing than blogging, but it seems that mastering attention on your blogs posts is still a key issue for many of you. 

SEO is one of those things that sounds more difficult than it is - in truth, there are many small and easy things that you can do that'll make a difference to your results.

What I Struggled With in 2017

Like many women in business, Imposter Syndrome is something that has reappeared over the past year. Every time I think I have it conquered it rears it's head again!

One thing I have learned is that there will always be some difficult clients in business, and that it's no reflection on me or my writing skills.

With the amazing feedback and results I've gained this year, I will be focusing on finding the right clients for me and enjoying the working relationship.

What This Means For 2018

Tablet showing the 5 copywriting questions

I will be focusing on content marketing in 2018 and have a new venture up my sleeve - so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I will be unleashing a few courses next year on topics like SEO, Content Marketing and Business Branding. They'll kick off with some mini challenges that will be appearing soon.

I'll also be upping my social media game and improving my online presence so I can help more business owners reach their target audience with greater success in 2018.

About the Author Zoe Hughes

Zoe is an experienced content writer specialising in the health and wellness sector. Zoe now combines her writing skills with marketing and search engine optimisation to provide a complete content marketing solution to her clients.

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